Here you can find examples of some of the many software projects I have created. My work focus on smartphone (Android and iOS) apps and data conversion utilities.

The Fountain Of Youth Android and iOS App

The Fountain Of Youth app is an app that was commissioned by a health and wellness expert who runs a 12-week anti-aging health and wellness program. In order to broaden her reach and bring new clients into her program, she commissioned this app for her business. The app is cross-platform, both Android and iOS (Apple). The Android app is available as a demonstration upon request.




“My business partner says she is almost crying – this app is so amazing!”

Dr. Tassel Shanebrook


Time Sheet Data Transformation

I needed to be able to upload timesheet data from our timesheet program directly into our project management software. The project management software did not have a built in way to do this, so we wrote a tool that read in timesheet data, transformed the data into the correct format and uploaded it into the project management software.

The Tarot Reader’s Android and iOS App

The Tarot reader’s app is an app that allows my client’s fans to book a reading with her through the app. It also allows them to read her latest blog post, watch video content and interact with her content using an AI chatbot, similar to the app described earlier.

This app makes use of the following technologies:

  • Integration with AI via an API
  • Connection with calendar booking
  • Connection to YouTube
  • eBook presentation
  • Account management
  • Present existing web content